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The Hare & The Hart offers carefully curated gifts and goods that are English at heart with a Southern soul (& a French twist!).

A family-owned business, we adore celebrating the beauty of the places that people love, embellishing the spaces surrounding them, and sharing in the extraordinary joy of the everyday. We are pleased to carry established local artists (and perhaps introduce a new one here or there!), along with unique product lines from artisans and other family-owned and small businesses from throughout the South… and even from across the pond!

We are the exclusive home and designer of Toile of Tallahassee™ and Toile of Thomasville™ and we have more toile designs in the works! 

Please visit us in our new shop location “on the bricks” in downtown Thomasville, Georgia at 120 South Broad Street.


The Hare & The Hart is:


Anglophile to the core, Amy Hart was struck with the inspiration for The Hare & The Hart at a pub called The Jugged Hare in London (and the idea for her first toile design, the Toile of Tallahassee, was sparked at the Northbank Restaurant upon seeing a modern London toile on its wallpaper and menus!). Maddie Hart’s Woodland Creatures series evokes the English love affair with all things romantically rural.


Here in the Red Hills region of South Georgia and North Florida, we are surrounded by rolling hills, hunting plantations, moss-draped oaks and long-leaf pines... not to mention the communal charm of southern hospitality, great food, and hugging friends at church on Sunday mornings.


Amy's mainly English ancestry is tinged with a bit of France through her French great-grandmother from Alsace Lorraine, who settled in New Orleans... which naturally adds a French twist to her decorating sensibility (and personality!)