A short tumbler glass with two dragonfly designs embossed on it. This is a Dragonfly Tumbler by La Rochere and sold at The Hare & The Hart.
La Rochere

Dragonfly Tumbler

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Let your imagination fly with playful dragonflies against a sleek, rounded silhouette. The Dragonfly collection exudes French country charm and everyday whimsy.

Clean lines adorned with dancing dragonflies give our tumbler glasses their simple elegance and joyful charm. Great for serving ice water, fresh lemonade, or homespun cocktails.

Pictured is the French flag with the phrase "Made in France"
Dimension 4" H / 9.5 oz.
Diameter 3"
Weight 0.9 lbs
Product Care Material composition: Glass
Dishwasher safe
Avoid severe thermal shocks

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