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Pictured is a brown paper back with a red, white, and green plaid bow on the top of it. It has a white label with the image of a hand sketched christmas tree surrounded by presents. There is a black tag with white text sticking out from the label that reads "garden in.a.bag"
Potting Shed Creations, Ltd.

Kids Garden in a Bag | Christmas Tree

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Christmas Tree-to-be {Scotch Pine, Pinus sylvestris}

Plant a holiday memory to be enjoyed for generations to come. Your Christmas tree-to-be will one day grow to be a majestic Scotch pine.

This decorative and fragrant tree has a formal beauty all its own and is a preferred Christmas tree around the world.

Includes: seed, growing medium, coconut husks for drainage, leak-proof coloring bag, to/from tag to personalize, directions

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