A pint (500 ml) container of Raw Silk Fusion Mineral Paint.
A tester (37 ml) sized container of Raw Silk Fusion Mineral Paint.
Fusion Mineral Paint

Raw Silk

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A delicate white inspired by the natural luxury of raw silk. This classic warm white adds dimension to any colour scheme. 

Raw Silk is a warm, old white with barely a hint of yellow and just a touch of grey – the perfect off white! We have used it with great success on kitchen cabinets to create a cottage kitchen.

Pair with: 

  • Cathedral Taupe for a traditional look 
  • Sterling for a modern feel
Pictured is a wooden chair with an upholstered seat. The chair is painted with Raw Silk Fusion Mineral Paint. On the chair is a pillow with grey and white stripes. Next to the chair is a dresser with candles and a mirror on top of it.


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