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There are two gilded and laquered oyster shells. Inside one shell is salt and inside the other is unground pepper. There is a small wooden spoon being used to scoop out the pepper.
Pictred are the Oyster Shell Salt & Pepper Cellars in their packaging. There is a brown box with a clear plastic lid so that the contents of the box are visible. Inside are the two oyster shells and their wooden spoon sitting on top of crimped, shredded brown paper. There is a business card for Holly Shae Designs inside as well.
Holly Shae Design

Oyster Shell Salt & Pepper Cellars - Holly Shae Design

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This pair of salt and pepper cellars has been hand gilded and coated with lacquer for preservation and luster.

Each large oyster shell measures between 3-5 inches and has its own unique shape and design.

All sets are matched carefully, considering color and shape, and come with a solid wood spoon for serving. Packaged for the perfect gift!

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