A smiling woman stands holding a willow woven laundry basket. She wears a crisp, white collared shirt with jeans and a striped apron. The laundry basket contains two rolled white towels. This is a Laundry Basket by Artisan Willows sold at The Hare & The Hart.
Round Laundry Basket by Artisan Willows
Round Laundry Basket by Artisan Willows
Round Laundry Basket by Artisan Willows
Artisan Willows

Round Laundry Basket by Artisan Willows

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Add a bit of traditional beauty to your laundry day! These beautiful, one-of-a-kind, locally handwoven laundry baskets are made from willow branches imported from England. They are perfect for corralling your linens while doing laundry or can be used to store anything from newspapers and magazines to firewood. They add a beautiful, artistic touch to your day or to your room!

Approximate Size: 12 inches tall (plus handles) by 20 inches wide at the top.

Each willow basket Is a unique work of art. 

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About the artist: 

Local artisan basketmaker Beth Allman has been practicing her craft for over 30 years. All materials used in the baskets are natural, many selected from the forests and fields of North Florida. Over the past few years, Beth has begun to use English willow in her creations, hearkening back to the type of baskets and items that may have been brought with, or made by, those who settled in this area. Each basket is a one-of-a-kind heirloom. Located in Gadsden County, Florida, Artisan Willows baskets are made in the South with an English twist!

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