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Pictured is the cover of the Awake My Soul Devotional sold at The Hare & The Hart. It is white. There is an abstract wreath of pink swirling lines and different flowers widely dispersed. In the middle of the wreath are the words "Awake" in cursive script and "MY SOUL DEVOTIONAL" in all caps sans serif script and "for Girls" in typewriter font. Below all of that, in typewriter font, are the words "260 New Testament Devotions By ThouArtExalted Minisitries" and a small heart below that.
Pictured are two Awake My Soul devotionals sold at The Hare & The Hart. One is closed and showing the cover. The other is on top of the first, and open, with one page up in the air as if it were just being turned. Inside the art and text is similar to that of the cover.
Pictured is a page from the Awake My Soul  devotional, showing the page layout. There is a border in yellow and pink. There is floral artwork at the top of the page surrounding the cursive script words "You Before Me." Below that are several paragraphs and directions for prayer, journal, and diging deeper.
Thou Art Exalted

Awake My Soul Devotional

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Did you know there are 260 weekdays in a year and 260 chapters in the New Testament?
Based on ThouArtExalted's popular Awake My Soul smartphone app, the Awake My Soul devotional book takes you through the New Testament in one year. This would make a great gift for daughters, nieces, granddaughters, friends, sisters, and more!
• A one-year collection of 260 New Testament devotions for tween/teen girls (ages 10-17)
• Powerful prayers
• Hundreds of journaling prompts
• Invitations to dig deeper in the Word
• Creative Scripture graphics
• 300+ vibrant, full color pages
• (6 x 9)/Hardcover

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