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There is a circular urn-like container with a lid. The container is covered with a random design of small lines. The lid has the same design as the urn. The lid also has a bust of a rabbit on the top to use as a handle for opening the lid.
There is a collection of things sitting on a table. On the left is a glass pitcher filled with a bouquet of sticks. Next is the brass rabbit container, then two matching pots with succulents growing in them. One of the pots is larger than the other, and both are the color and texture of a cactus. On the right is a green glass vase with one dried plant sticking out of it.
Pictured is the brass rabbit contianer. There are lines marking the height and width of the containter. The height is 8 inches and the width is 5.75 inches.
Pictures is the brass rabbit container with the lid taken off, sitting next to it.
The Hare & The Hart

Brass Rabbit Container

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With a hammered metal brass finish, this whimsical yet contemporary container is topped with a rabbit head finial. Fitting into any decor scheme from classic to modern, it's perfect for embellishing spaces and stashing away treasures.

8"H x 5.75"W

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