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There are four bunny bos lined up next to each other. They are all folded into their cardboard packaging. From left to right they are: mustard with green ears, brown with pink ears, blue with gray ears, and brown with mustard ears. These are Bunny Bos by Mama Siesta sold at The Hare & The Hart.
There is a single bunny bo unfolded and laying on a pure white surface. The bunny bo is light blue with mustard ears. Next to it is a eucalyptus branch and two pieces of cotton. This is a Bunny Bo by Mama Siesta sold at The Hare & The Hart.
Mama Siesta

Bunny Bo by Mama Siesta

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We love how cute and cuddly these bunny bos for babies are!

Keep your baby warm and feeling safe by giving them something adorable to cuddle with.

These baby bos come in three different colors and are made of 100% organic cotton.

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