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There are four rolled up burp clothes arranged next to each other. They each have a different pattern. From lef to right they are: foxes, medallions, floral, and bees.
There are four rolled-up burp cloths next to each other. Their patterns are foxes, bees, floral, and medallions.
There are four burp cloths laying flat next to each other. They are long and rectangular.
Pictured is a floral burp cloth unrolled to show its size. There are markers showing that the length of the cloth is 24.25 inches and the width of the cloth is 10 inches.
Pictured is a burp cloth with a fox pattern. The background is gray and there are jumping foxes printed on it.
There is a burp cloth with a mustard yellow background and a bee pattern printed on it.
There is a burp cloth with a floral pattern. The flowers are pink, red, yellow, and blue and they are surrounded by green leaves. The background is off white.
There is a burp cloth with a medallion pattern.
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Burp Cloths

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Sweet cotton burp cloths come in 4 styles:

  • Fox
  • Bee
  • Floral
  • Medallion Floral

Approx. 10" W x 24" H

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