Pictured is the children's book "Busy Bumblebee Rides the Waves" by Carol Moore. The cover features an illustration of a bumble bee landing on a pink flower. In the background is a white house with a wraparound porch and an American flag. There are palm trees around the house. Surrounding the illustration is a decorative border with various sea shells.
Carol Hair Moore

"Busy Bumblebee Rides the Waves" by Carol Moore

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The second book of the I Wish You Ice Cream and Cake series takes place in the Isle of St. James at St. Teresa Beach, Florida. The Busy Bumble Bee is flying around Nana Carol’s garden, but gets lost. His friends, Mr. Octopus, Mr. Scallop, and Mr. Redfish, help him find Mr. Loggerhead Turtle who ultimately gets him back to his family. This story teaches children about endangered species, like the loggerhead turtle, and what it means to be a good friend.

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