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Pictured are two deep ocean candles. The one on the left is in its dark blue paper packaging which reads "DEEP OCEAN 100% SOY WAX CANDLE LIKE AN INDIAN SUMMER DAY SPENT AT THE BEACH, WITH HINTS OF SALT AIR, MARINE CITRUS AND SEA KELP 8 OZ / 227 GRAMS HEIRLOOMED." The candle on the right is not in its packaging. The candle is white wax with a white wick poured into a glass jar with a thick lip along its bottom edge. There is a dark blue sticker on the glass that reads "DEEP OCEAN."
There are two deep ocean candles laying on a dark blue piece of fabric. On the fabric with them are two matches with white heads.
There is a collection of heirloomed candles. There is one deep ocean candle among them.
Heirloomed Collection

Deep Ocean Candle by Heirloomed Collection

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In the spirit of their Keepsake Linens, Heirloomed Collection created the Keepsake Candle Collection with timeless and classic scents to be used year round.

Deep Ocean will bring memories from summer trips to the ocean with hints of sea salt, citrus, and kelp.

100% soy wax candle hand-poured in Heirloomed's studio in Atlanta, GA.

8 oz straight sided, heavy bottomed glass vessel.

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