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Espalier Fruit Trees for Wall, Hedge, and Pergola (coffee table book)
The Hare & The Hart

Espalier Fruit Trees for Wall, Hedge, and Pergola (coffee table book)

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By training fruit trees and shrubs to grow in controlled shapes, you accomplish two goals: improved appearance and increased productivity. Depending on location and demand, espalier fruit trees can offer privacy, weather protection, and decoration, not to mention an abundant and delicious harvest.

All types of trellises, including wall-covering cordons and free-standing pergolas, are featured here, as well as a comprehensive list of fruit plants and their unique characteristics.

Authors Karl Pieber and Peter Modl provide ambitious gardeners with not only construction tips and a list of tools and materials required, but invaluable information on the planting of different fruit species, their upbringing, and shaping.

Learn how to combat the most common fruit tree diseases and pests, and develop a knowledge of habitat requirements and care to ensure these espalier structures bring the desired results.

Hardcover, 7.25" x 10.25"

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