Pictured are two Fusion Colour Cards. They are folded paphlets with the Fusion logo and brand information over an image of a paintbrush covered in paint on the cover. Inside are squares of each Fusion Paint color. One of these cards is folded and the other is open. This is a Colour Card by Fusion Mineral Paint sold at the Hare & The Hart.
Fusion Mineral Paint

Fusion™ Colour Card (True-to-Colour)

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 Fusion Colour Card (true to colour)

Our Fusion Color Card uses real painted swatches to ensure a true depiction of each of our stunning Fusion Mineral Paint colors.  This sturdy colour card is the perfect first step in choosing just the right shade. Keep in mind that lighting can alter colors, so be sure to grab yourself a tester size of the paint and try it out in your lighting to be sure! 



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