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Pictured are four linen baby bibs. There are two on the left, one stacked on top of the other. The bib on top is a thin railroad stripe pattern, with a dark denim bib below it. The two bibs on the right are also stacked on top of each other. The bib on top is white demin and the one below it is light denim.
Pictured is a rounded linen bib made from a railraod stripe fabric. It has a fabric tie on each end of it.
There is a close up of the fabric tie on a railroad stripe bib. The close up of the railroad stripe shows that it is blue and white.
There is a red railroad stripe fabric baby bib with two fabric ties. The bib is laid out on a white background, with the ties laying in an x above the bib. There are two sprigs from a fir tree on either side of the x.
Pictured is a close up of the fabric from a red railroad stripe baby bib.
Heirloomed Collection

Baby Bib by Heirloomed Collection

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Heirloomed Collection's baby bibs are the perfect gift for a baby shower or bib to keep your baby clean at meal time with their sturdy fabrics and simple design.

Each bib has a 9" adjustable, twill tape neck tie to keep them in place.

 Bibs are available in railroad stripe, white canvas, dark denim, light denim, and vintage red stripe linen.

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