A pint (500 ml) container of Inglenook Fusion Mineral Paint.
A tester (37 ml) sized container of Inglenook Fusion Mineral Paint.
Fusion Mineral Paint


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Serene and calm, Inglenook is a washed blue-grey with a drop of pale green. Depending on the lighting, it can look more blue or more green. In our home, we used it to brighten up a fireplace in the kitchen (referencing inglenook fireplaces in England)!

Pair With: 

  • Raw Silk for a youthful glow 
  • Midnight Blue for a trendy look

Pictured is a side table painted with Inglenook Fusion Mineral Paint. On it is a decorative bowl and two empty frames. Behind the table and leaning agianst the wall is an antique door. There is an antique chandelier hanging from the ceiling above the table. 


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