La Chips Francaise

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La Chips Francaise potatoes are carefully selected, washed and peeled. They are then cut into thick slices and then browned with a traditional method of slow cooking in a cauldron that guarantees to regain the taste of potatoes as well as an incomparable crunch!

From growing to bagging, everything is done in France. A very subtly salted plain chips with Fleur de Sel from the 2 Caps, not very greasy, far from industrial standards.

About La Chips Francaise (translated from French):

It all starts at La Ferme de Coquerel, located in the heart of the Picardy terroir, the historic cradle of French potato cultivation. Etienne's family has been growing the famous tuber there since the 1960s, when André's family grows various cereals on his own farm not far away. After their studies - one in business school, the other in agriculture - and a few years working in the agri-food sector, the two friends felt the need to return to their peasant roots, while having a strong entrepreneurial vision. THEY WANT TO DEVELOP THEIR PRODUCT: IT WILL BE HEALTHY AND SIMPLE, DERIVED FROM ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY METHODS, MADE IN AN ARTISANAL WAY AND WITHOUT CHEMISTRY, OF SUPERIOR QUALITY BUT ACCESSIBLE, IN THEIR COMMON IDEA THAT TO SATISFY A CUSTOMER YOU MUST START BY RESPECTING HIM! Fresh fries? Artisanal crisps? Their desire to throw English out of France, until now king of the shelves on the market, inspires them a 100% French premium crisps! The project put in shape convinces: the adventure can begin! They then call on a creative studio to develop with them the brand that will be called, it's decided: FRENCH CHIPS!