Legacy Letter Workshop (February 11)
The Hare & The Hart

Legacy Letter Workshop (February 11)

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Join us at The Hare & The Hart on Tuesday, Jan, 28th from 6:30-8:00 pm for a Legacy Letter workshop and turn a part of your story into forever. The Whole Story Source will help you create a beautiful letter during a cozy evening in our shop.

Most messaging today will not live beyond the next post or will be buried under urgent emails. In our Legacy Letter workshop, you will craft a meaningful, hand-written letter that will be deeply appreciated by the recipient and possibly be kept for future generations to enjoy. As Valentines Day approaches, think of a loved one (family member, friend, etc.) to whom you would like to express an intentional, heartfelt message. The evening will prove to be inspirational and motivating!

Light refreshments will be served!

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