A pint (500 ml) container of Mustard Fusion Mineral Paint.
A tester (37 ml) sized container of Mustard Fusion Mineral Paint.
Fusion Mineral Paint


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Yearly Limited Release: Warm and golden, this muted yellow adds depth and personality to any piece. Mustard reminds us of the pops of colour we've seen in the decor in the Cotswolds -- great with greys!

Pair With: 

  • Raw Silk for serene atmosphere 
  • Bayberry for farmhouse charm


Pictured is a collection of decorations painted with Mustard Fusion Mineral Paint. One is a floral statue, another is a picture frame with a pressed fern inside it, and the last is a large empty picture from behind the other objects. In the center are two glass jars, one containing a cutting from a plant.

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