Pictured is the front cover of the packaging for the OMY Giant Coloring Poster London. On it is a detail from the coloring poster of a cartoonish pen and ink illustration of London. On the cover it reads "GIANT COLORING POSTER" and "LONDON HUGE MAP OF LONDON!"
Pictured is a detail from the Giant Coloring Poster of London. It is partially colored in.
There is a nondescript room containing a bed covered in pure white pillows and blankets, a small wooden table with a potted plant on top, and a circular mirror. On the wall next to the mirror is a framed OMY Giant Coloring Poster London with a section of it colored in.
Pictured is the back cover of the packaging for the Giant Coloring Poster London. There is a picture of the entire illustration of London.

London Giant Coloring Poster by OMY

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At 100 cm x 70 cm (39.4" x 27.6"), this giant coloring poster is to be used on the floor, on the wall, or as a tablecloth! The whimsical designs allow anyone from 3-99 to explore London all while staying in the comfort of home. (A great stress reliever too!!)

Don't forget to pick up some OMY markers too!!

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