Pictured is a package of OMY Ultra Washable Markers. There are 16 thin markers sitting upright in a square box with a clear plastic top. The packaging reads "OMY DOUBLE POINT"
15 markers of the 16 total can be seen. They are spread out diagonally across the picture in a rainbow. Each has made a mark on the white background.
Pictured are 6 markers in this order: yellow, orange, red, pink, dark blue, light blue. They are spread diagonally across the picture. Their caps are off, showing the thin end of the markers. The background is dark blue.

Ultra Washable Markers by OMY

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Double-tipped, and oh-so bright, these markers last FOREVER and no matter how hard we try, never get mashed tips!! As many of our customers say, "These are the best markers I've ever used!"

16 colors

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