Pictured is the children's book "Papa Mole's Secrets to Happiness" by Carol Moore. The cover art features an image of a mole sitting in a chair in front of a stone home. Around that image is a border with birds and bunnies.
Carol Hair Moore

"Papa Mole's Secrets to Happiness" by Carol Moore

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The fourth book of the I Wish You Ice Cream and Cake series takes place in the Apalachicola National Forest as Marvin the Magnificent Nubian Goat and Busy Bumble Bee move to the forest to reside with their friends. From Ruby Kate’s home, they travel to the deep ends of the forest to visit Papa Mole who holds the secrets of happiness. Along the way, they help a baby bird get back to her nest, a homeless bunny rabbit find a home, and gathered flowers for Papa Mole. He tells them that happiness is exactly what they did; assist those who are hurt, think of others and treat others with kindness.

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