A pint (500 ml) container of Seaside Fusion Mineral Paint.
A tester (37 ml) sized container of Seaside Fusion Mineral Paint.
Fusion Mineral Paint


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Seaside is the perfect deep coastal blue. This shade works beautifully on its own or with neutrals to create the perfect beachside atmosphere. 

Pair With: 

  • Putty for a cool, contemporary feel 
  • Picket Fence completes the coastal look
Pictured is a large chest on tall legs. It is painted with Seaside Fusion Mineral Paint and has square, silver drawer pulls. The legs have been left unpainted. On top of the chest are large, clear glass vases with bunches of scrubby plants inside. There is also a piece of driftwood. Hanging above the chest is a painting of a heron in front of some waves.


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