Soap Stone

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A favourite deep grey, Soap Stone is one of those shades that is totally dependent on its surroundings. Slightly purple undertones are highlighted with the changing light in the room, creating a stunning sense of ambiance. 

Pair With: 

  • Inglenook for an stylish look 
  • Lamp White to accentuate the beauty and contrast
There is a collage of pictures. The largest picture is of the top corner of a dresser painted with Soap Stone Fusion Mineral Paint. It has a stack of books and two potted plants on top of it. There is a large candle on the wall above it that is on the month of April. The next picture is of an open container of Soap Stone pictured from above with a paint brush balanced on top of the container. The brush has paint on its bristles. The third picture is of the same dresser from the first, but pictured from the side.