Pictured is the packaging for teapigs peppermint tea. It is a white tin with a latch to keep it closed. There is a light green circle with an illustration of a peppermint. The label reads "teapigs peppermint leaves minty fresh 20 biodegradable tea temples."
Pictured are two piles of loose tea. One has leaves and the other is completely ground. The pile with leaves has an arrow pointing toward it with the words "teapigs BIG leaf tea." There is another pile of ground tea with an arrow and the words "dusty tea from a paper bag."

Teapigs® Peppermint Tea (in a tin)

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Our peppermint tea is fresher and finer than any teabag mint you have tasted before because, as with our regular teas, we insist on whole leaves. Because we use whole peppermint leaves, you’ll find the flavor of this blend much stronger and fresher than regular dusty paper teabags. Sip this when your stomach is grumbling.

Ingredients: Pure peppermint leaves

Contents: 20 biodegradable tea temples

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