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Pictured is a mannequin wearing an apron with a blue and white, thick striped pattern. It has a high chest and thick shoulder straps.
Pictured is the back of the crossback apron on a mannequin. It has a blue and white striped pattern.
Pictured from behind is a woman wearing the wide blue stripe crossback apron. She wears a white t-shirt under the apron and is working in a kitchen.
Heirloomed Collection

Wide Blue Stripe Crossback Apron by Heirloomed Collection

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This Heirloomed Collection linen crossback apron has a Japanese-inspired design that will save any strain on the neck.

Their Wide Blue Stripe Collection Crossback apron was inspired by the salty ocean air. It celebrates that perfect medium blue that they often find in their vintage sourcing, often time in an old linen book cover, lived in yet so current for today that it's almost a neutral.

It is perfect for anyone with the effortless slip-on design. One size fits most.

Each apron is 100% pre-washed linen.

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