February is the New January

I've been saying all month, "February is the new January!" What with starting the year a bit under the weather, it's been a slower start than usual, but to be honest, I kind of like the slowing down after the rush of the holidays and easing into the new year.

We've started some new routines at home and even done some rearranging and nesting. Chris and I have started making a new work/creative space for me in our breakfast room, which is my favorite room in the house and the one I gravitate to (even though I tried to make an office/studio space in one of the upstairs rooms!) My new studio {'atelier' in French!} is not quite picture-ready yet, but I promise to share photos soon.

If you have done some fresh changes as well, I'd love to hear about them ~ just hit reply and do tell!

February is also one of my favorite months to enjoy walking before it gets hot again. Thomasville's historic district, where we live, is always delightful for a stroll. Yesterday I took some photos of gorgeous pink camellia and magnolia blossoms on my meanderings:

Camellia blossom, no editing or filter needed; I adore its perfect concentric symmetry.

Magnolia liliiflora, also known as Japanese magnolia... so romantic in its decadence.

These beautiful late-winter blooms are a hint of spring to come. I hope you have some in your neighborhood, and if/when you are in Thomasville, I encourage you to walk through the historic district to see the homes and their beautiful yards!

(And, to help you enjoy flowers like these all year round, we've added some sweet little paint-by-number kits to the shop.)