Meet Our Team

Amy L'Elle Hart

Owner/Co-founder/Surface Pattern Designer

In case you haven’t already heard it from her, Amy’s favorite place in the world is the Cotswolds – and to her, Thomasville is the Cotswolds of the South. In her free time, when she’s not discovering, dreaming up, or designing new things for the shop, Amy is either reading British murder mysteries, watching British murder mysteries (and wondering how there’s anyone left alive in the English countryside!), cozying up her 1800's home by cooking good food and rearranging the furniture -- or planning Chris' and her next trip.



Chris Hart

Co-founder/Co-owner/Head Cheerleader/Husband of Amy

When he isn’t CEO-ing at three other companies in Tallahassee, Chris can be found with his nose in a book reading on a range of topics, or rucking around town. He’s also Amy’s most trusted business advisor/travel partner and Rugby’s favorite fetch-playing buddy (after mowing the lawn, of course)!


 Maddie L’Elle Hart

Co-founder/Designer/Online Marketing/Amy’s Daughter

Maddie is part of The Hare & The Hart’s DNA (literally and figuratively). Her Menagerie design collection whimsically depicts just how much she loves animals -- and her three dog “kids” can attest to that! She adores exploring and traveling almost as much as she loves playing video games.


Hannah L’Elle Coleman

Shopkeeper Extraordinaire/Amy’s Niece/Head of Keeping Amy in Line

When she isn’t crocheting or reading a good novel, Hannah can be found either attending one of her college classes or going on weekend adventures with her cousin Maddie. Her superpower in the shop is knowing everything about each product we carry and helping people select the perfect gift (or goodie for themselves).


Charlie Hart

Designer/Current Rock Climber/Former Shopkeeper/Amy's Son

Whether it’s scaling mountains, biking the St. Marks trail, or creating new worlds in his drawings, Charlie truly is a jack of all trades. By day he’s doing good things as testing supervisor at FSU, and on weekends he’s pursuing new heights by rock climbing all over the Southeastern US, which in turn inspires his art, including his Birds & Bees collection.


Deanna Hill

Saturday Shopkeeper/Resident Flower Expert

If you are looking for her, Deanna can be found helping us in the shop on many Saturdays -- after spending the week working in her family’s businesses (check out one of them, The Biscuit Company!) Her creative passion is growing -- literally -- as she’s also our resident micro flower farm owner (Hill House Flowers), and we adore carrying her blooms in the shop.


Rugby Hart

King of all he Surveys/Non-Shop Dog

A brindled lab, Sir Rugglesby Hart IV holds down the fort at home. A retriever to the core and just 3 years old, he still requires hours of playing fetch to wiggle his wiggles out. Maybe he’ll be a shop dog when he’s 12?