The Simply Beautiful Legacy of Generations

It was recently Mother’s Day weekend! I hope you have a beautiful time celebrating, honoring, or remembering the amazing women in your life.

I am blessed with a wonderful mom who, as I grew up, always made every house we lived in feel like home, no matter where we were: Spain, Virginia, New Mexico, Washington, Arizona, Florida…. I was an Air Force brat; can you tell? And now, she and my dad live here in Thomasville, and I am extra blessed to see (and hug) her often.

A few weeks ago, we hosted a cookbook signing event at the shop for The Heirloomed Kitchen by the lovely Ashley Schoenith. Ashley’s own sweet mom was here to help and to cheer her daughter on. Many of the recipes in the gorgeously photographed book are her own, passed down by generations of women in their family.


My favorite part of the evening was watching Ashley listen to and enjoy the stories of guests who shared their own family recipes and traditions. Ashley even brought some of her own family recipe cards with the original handwritten recipes, complete with the patina of age, splatters, and extra notes written on the edges. They reminded me of my own, passed down to me by previous generations in my family. What a legacy!

The photo above really encapsulates the evening and the theme of
Ashley’s Heirloomed Collection designs and book — 5 women, 3 generations, 2 families: Ashley and her mom Judy, and me with my mom Mary and my daughter Maddie.