Jeanie Wood Art

Jeanie Wood was born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida. She dabbled in painting as a child alongside her mother and earned a BS in Merchandising at Florida State University. When her boys left for college, she picked up a paintbrush again and has continued to enjoy painting, primarily landscapes.

Inspired by her grandmother and mother, she has enjoyed painting marshes, trees, and nature. When Jeanie was a child, she summered at St. Teresa Beach with her family, where she was inspired by the beautiful scenery and developed a love for salt-water marshes.

Jeanie remembers sitting in the back seat of their wood-paneled station wagon. She knew they were almost to the beach when they passed through the marshes. The awe and the beauty of the marshes still captivates her today, and brings her great joy in seeing God's bountiful beauty.