"My French Country Home" Magazine - May/June 2024 Issue

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Your guide to authentic French country living…

Launched in early 2019, My French Country Home is a magazine dedicated to the pursuit of authentic French country living and sharing it with Francophiles around the world.

From beautiful homes and secret gardens to useful travel guides and exclusive recipes, each magazine will take you to the heart of France and highlight the people, brands, and places that make it so unique.

My French Country Home prides ourselves on working with both well-known and undiscovered photographers, as well as talented writers, to transport you to France on every page.

The bimonthly magazine is a great companion to the two coffee table books we also carry at The Hare & The Hart by Sharon Santoni (My French Country Home and My Stylish French Girlfriends).

“My name is Sharon Santoni and this is the place where I get to give you a taste of authentic French living.

My French Country Home is for all of you who love French home décor and long to know more about authentic French country living, including buying French antiques, enjoying French food, talking about home and garden design, and now and again just chatting about family life.

British-born, I’ve spent most of my life in France, married to a Frenchman and with four children who are now spreading their own wings. That leaves us at home in an old French house deep in the countryside of Normandy in northern France with some naughty dogs who regularly appear on the blog.

Welcome to My French Country Home- I hope you enjoy!”