Pictured is the packaging for Teapigs Cold Brew Lychee and Rose tea. It is a square brown box with a pink label that reads "teapigs COLD BREW LYCHEE & ROSE TEA," "10 tea temples for your water bottle." It also has an illustration of a teabag with an arrow pointing to the lid of a water bottle and a pink triangle in the corner that reads "3 calories per serving."
Pictured from above is a package of Teapigs Cold Brew Lychee and Rose tea next to a glass of ice water with a teabag in it. Surrounding the package and the glass are lychee fruits and rose petals.
There is a reusable water bottle with water and a teabag inside. It sits next to a package of Teapigs Cold Brew Lychee and Rose tea.

Teapigs® Cold Brew Lychee and Rose

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A blend of lychee and rose on a fruity base; makes a light, sweet and flowery drink. This yummy infusion will make drinking water much more enjoyable. 8 glasses a day? Easy. Glug, glug, glug.

Ingredients: Apple pieces, white hibiscus, hibiscus, natural flavoring (rose lychee flavoring), turmeric, citiric acid, red rose petals, natural lychee flavoring.


Contents: 10 tea temples

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