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There is a brown square package of Teapigs Cold Brew Peach and Mango tea. The orange label on it reads "teapigs COLD BREW PEACH & MANGO TEA," "10 tea temples for your water bottle," "3 calories per serving."
There is a package of Teapigs Cold Brew Peach and Mango tea. Next to it is a short glass of ice water with a teabag in it. Scattered around the package and the glass of tea are peaches and a mango.

Teapigs® Cold Brew Peach and Mango

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Naturally sweet and peachy perfect, this refreshing pairing of peach and mango will make getting your 2 liters a day a breeze.

Ingredients: White hibiscus, apple, sweet blackberry leaves, chicory root, natural flavorings, citric acid, beetroot, peach, mango.

Contents: 10 tea temples

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