Pictured is the packaging for Teapigs Earl Grey Strong tea. The box is brown with a clear plastic window that shows the teabags inside. The label is white with a blue bulldog and has the words "teapigs grey with attitude 15 biodegradable tea temples earl grey strong."
Pictured is two piles of loose tea. One is full leaves and the other is completely ground. There's an arrow and words pointing toward the big leaf ground tea "teapigs BIG leaf tea." The ground pile is labeled "dusty tea from a paper bag."
Pictured from above is a package of Teapigs Earl Grey Strong tea. Next to it a mug of tea.

Teapigs® Earl Grey Strong

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"Grey with Attitude"

Do you like your Earl Grey to come with some real ooomph and wallop? Well, this is the one for you. We've blended some powerful Assan and Rwandan with the more delicate Ceylon and Darjeeling to give the perfect strong tea base to compliment the zesty bergamot. Maybe more of a Duke than a lowly Earl?

Ingredients: black tea, natural flavors, cornflowers

Contents: 15 biodegradable tea temples (made in a facility that handles nuts)

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