Suzanne Conner Art

About Suzanne Conner: 
Born and raised in Florida, I love to depict scenes from our beautiful beaches, marshes, and the piney woods of our state. I am drawn to nature and am continually inspired to seek out the smallest of details for my paintings. I started painting in 2012 while I was going through grief therapy after some tragedies in my family. I have never looked back and will continue to go forward with the healing that painting and drawing gives me.
I also enjoy painting women and children as part of that healing process. I started out by painting memories of growing up in Blountstown, Florida. Catching tadpoles, boating on the river, catching fireflies in jars, these are the sweetest things that I enjoyed and have painted in the past years. It is a wonderful way to find yourself and to remember how much you have to be thankful for.