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A round glass butter dish is pictured. The lid of the dish is on the left and it has three bees embossed on it. The base of the dish is on the right and it has a wide lip around the bottom edge.
A glass bee butter dish sits on a table with peaches and cut pieces of whole wheat bread. The dish has some kind of peach marmalade or jam inside of it.
A bee butter dish sits inside of a metal bread basket. There are slices of bread next to it. The dish contains butter.
La Rochere

Bee Butter Dish

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Proudly displaying the Napoleon symbol of l’abeille, the bee, this signature La Rochère glass collection sets a joyful table. Recalling a moment in French history, this original bee design is inspired by a famous pattern which belonged to Napoleon. It is also a symbol of the South of France and its magical countryside. The collection’s charming bees and pure, modern silhouette make this ultra-versatile set perfect for both casual entertaining and everyday use. 

You’ll take pleasure in sipping your coffee from these elegant glass mugs decorated with French bees. With a gently rounded shape and sturdy handle, they’ll add a joyful twist to your morning routine.

An image with the French flag and the phrase "Made in France"

Dimension 2 1/2" H / 2.5 oz.
Diameter 3 2/3"

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