Preserved French Lavender Bundle - Provence 40g

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Discover the splendor of fine organic lavender from the family production at Château de la Gabelle, nestled in the heart of picturesque Provence. Their fine lavender bouquets are the result of meticulous care, hand harvesting, and artisanal preparations, guaranteeing exceptional quality.

Each bouquet is carefully cut by hand and lovingly prepared on lavender plants carefully selected for the vibrant beauty of their colors.

Each of their fine lavender bouquets is approximately 40 cm long and weighs 40 g, including approximately 150 sprigs. Each sprig exhales the mesmerizing scent of fine lavender, instantly transporting you to the sun-drenched lavender fields of Provence.

These organic dried lavender bouquets bring a touch of elegance and natural fragrance to your space.

Use them to decorate your home, perfume your wardrobes, or create unique floral arrangements.

Potpourri grade, not for human consumption.